Suehiro Syuzo
Suehiro, founded in 1850, has wished to brew Sake using only the best rice, purest water, and Toji who is a professional brewer of Aizu.
Our company cooperate in 200 rice farmers in Aizu, grow chemical-free rice with a special organic fertilizer which we have developed.

What is "Byakkotai"? It was the name of the young soldies corps who were in the service of their feudal lord Katamori Matsudaira who was rulling over Aizu area.
This miserable death was sorrrowful,but later on they have been respected and admired as the model of japanese knighthood all over the country.

Aizu Aoi
Aizu Aoi is a sweet shop which offers a variety of cakes and sweets which differ from those offered by other sweet shops.
Also we have some new creations which blend both eastern and western tastes together.
Our receipt for this cake received a commendation in 1962 from the Japanese Minister of Science and Technology.

Takino specializes in Aizu Kaiseki Cuisine and Wappa-meshi. All of the dishes are cooked with fresh produce from the local Area. Also many of the dishes are served on traditional Aizu Lacquer Ware.
The atmosphere of Takino is sure to give the customer a true sense of Japanese culture and tradition.

Suzukiya Rihei
Suzukiya-Rihei is an old store which has continued for about 200 years since the Edo era.This store deals in the"shikki"so-called the lacquerware which is a traditional industry of Aizu and Japan too,and some folkcrafts of this area.
Yamada Momen
Most of the Cotton which is produced at the Yamada Momen Orimoto Company is woven into thick vertical strips which are very strong. These vertical strips of cotton are used in various products such as clothes, interior items and hand crafts.
Taketo is a small arts and crafts shop which sells traditional hand crafts made in the Aizu Area. The Taketo Company was first established in 1624. However our present building was constructed approximately 160 years ago.
Gorobei Ame
Ame is a type of hard candy. The main ingredients for Gorobe Ame Candy are a highly glutinous variety of rice (95%) and malt (5%). The Gorobe Ame Honpo Company was established 820 years ago.
The story regarding the foundation of this company is quite interesting.
Naraya is a sweet shop located in a quaint old wooden building in the Town of Shiokawa.
One of our specialties is a hot drink called "Koko no he." This beverage is made from an old recipe which uses a spice derived from the fruit citron.
The Hasunuma Company helped to create the national notoriety which has made Kitakata Ramen Noodles a well known food throughout Japan. Also the Hasunuma Company are among the original founders of the Kitakata Ramen Association.
Aizu Matsumoto
This unique furniture gallery/store combines the best of both east and west. You are able to view and purchase various English style pieces of furniture such as bureaus and chests.
There is also a coffee shop located in our store which offers a small variety of either coffee or herbal tea.
Ebiya is a well known restaurant in the Aizu Area specializing in various eel dishes. This restaurant has been operated and owned by the same family for over four generations.
Please be sure to sample this exotic blend of eel, sweet sauce and fresh rice.
Yamanaka Senbei
A senbei is a type of Japanese rice cracker, and we believe that through our special Tamari Senbei we can keep a hundred year old receipt and flavor alive and well.
The Tamari Senbei is soft and has a very pleasant taste which makes our product enjoyable for both the very young and old.
Obara Syuzo
Obara Syuzo, Japanese SAKE brewer, was founded 1717. Their Japanese Sake, "Classic" is named since it is brewed with classical music.

Matsugoro Aizu
Mr. Takashi Isobe is a well known rickshaw driver and guide who adds a certain character to the grounds of Tsurugajo Castle. Mr. Isobe goes by the name of "Matsugoro Aizu" when working on the castle grounds.
The entire tour take about twenty minutes. He is a personality that should not be missed when visiting Tsurugajo Castle.